Annabelle Creation Review

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Annabelle Creation despite all odds is much better than the first. Horror sequels tend to retread familiar ground and become pale imitations of the originals. In the case of Annabelle Creation they avoided the first movie and I’m very thankful for it.


This movie dives deeper into Annabelle’s past and how the doll became evil. Luckily this time around the studio hired real actors for the movie. The result is a fun and entertaining Conjuring prequel that actually fleshes out the backstory of the doll while also providing some tense moments and good scares.


The movie does have a lot of jump scares and the pacing is a little too slow for my taste but the series is definitely on the right track and recovered nicely after the first movie. When thinking of Annabelle this is the only movie that deserves your attention.



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