Super Girl episode on a father’s acceptance

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This episode takes place right after M’ganns distress call to J’onn for him to return to Mars and help save the resistant team against the white Martians. When J’onn arrives to Mars he finds out that the resistance needs the staff of H’ronmeer to keep from the bad Martians. Little does J’onn know that the person keeping this information away from the resistance is his own father who is the second green martian to survive the war making him and his son J’onn the last two survivors.

Knowing that all Martians can shape shift, M’yrnn, J’onn’s father, doesn’t believe that J’onn is actually alive and that he had died in the war 2 centuries ago!  This broke J’onn and left him wondering how he could get through to his Father and make him believe that he is his son.

Mean while on earth Maggie is facing her dilemma with that fact that her own father does not support gay rights. Finding out in this episode that her father is a “proud mexican man” and him still stuck in the old school ways of thinking that homosexuality is frowned upon by society making him feel as a dishonored father and disowning his own daughter. Sad to say that at the end of this episode he did not really support his own daughter.

Towards the end we find J’onn reaching closer to his Father and in an attempt of “mind melding” he was able to show M’yrnn their past and a beautiful memory which they both shared.

This was a very touching scene for M’yrnn had not seen his son for centuries, and for both of them that thought they lost all family, they were reunited again. 

With them reuniting M’yrnn was able to share information with the resistance. Supergirl taking action being the only one not affected by the staff of H’ronmeer, she was able to take and use the staff against the bad Martians.

With this chapter ending, questions are still in the air with the mother that saved her child in the first episode.

Her daughter believing her to be a super hero, it seems that this lovely mother has no idea who she is and what she is capable of. Being that she originally is from a different planet, I would want to know how this television show will create the path to becoming the Great Nemisis Reign!!! Tell me your theories and your opinions, for I am very curious to hearing your thoughts!


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