Annabelle Review

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Annabelle is the perfect example of a paint by numbers studio cash grab. I’m gonna keep this review short because there are plenty of good movies to cover and this abomination isn’t one of them.


After the success of the Conjuring, the studio decided to make a prequel focused on the Annabelle doll. The result is a movie that isn’t scary adds nothing to the Conjuring universe and showcases some of the worst horror movie acting this side of sharknado. While sharknado plays it for laughs, Annabelle tries to play it completely serious and suffers for it. The movie feels lifeless and devoid of any interesting moments.


Like I said short review but I hope it serves as a warning and saves someone the viewing experience I had with this movie. Skip this movie next time you’re looking for a horror experience.

How do you make a creepy doll not scary?



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