Lucifer season 3 Has started with a bang!

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“What is it that you most desire?” To watch more Lucifer on Monday night’s on fox! This season has taken a brand new twist where the first Season we get to know who Lucifer is and how he became to be partners with Detective Decker in stopping crime, then Season 2 on Lucifer helping his mother return back to his Father in heaven, and now!!!! Lucifer possibly losing his role as the devil himself??? 

We also find his brother Amenadiel finding his purpose with his Father above. From where the first Season Amenadiel seemed to be Gods chosen, to having powers and stopping time to Season 2, losing his powers and becoming humbled by God himself, and finally now in Season 3 wondering really what his purpose is with God. As we find him in this past weeks episode trying to mimic and act as if he is Lucifer.

Towards the ending of this episode we find Lucifer not being able to save his partner/ love of interest Chloe Decker from their targeted suspect, finding him brutally punishing their suspect with his fist! Amenadiel stops Lucifer at the scene telling Lucifer that if he keeps beating the suspect, he will end up killing him, and that he is not a killer, he is a punisher.

With Lucifer now thinking alittle more clear on what his purpose is in his own life, we are still lost in what Gods motives are with Amenadiel and Lucifer. 
Also next week’s episode with their so called mother Charlotte, being erased from this dimension in last season. It is a bit surprising to see her return for next week’s episode. 

Questions are in the air now!!! Is Charlotte really Lucifer’s mom who has returned to be with her son’s, or is this just plain unpossesed Charlotte looking for some quality sexual time with Mr Morningstar?? Please comment below on your theories and thoughts for this season! We would sure like to know and theories together!!


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