The Conjuring 2 Review

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In a world where horror sequels are the absolute worst, The Conjuring 2 stands as a champion of how it should be done. The Warrens are back and this time they are hopping over the pond to England for their toughest case yet. A girl is claiming to be possessed by a spirit and it’s up to the Warrens to see if she’s telling the truth and find a way to save her.


James Wan once again creates a unique horror movie filled to the brim with tension and interesting scares. The actors also bring their A game and even the little girl in the movie gives a great performance. The highlight this time around are the creative scares and the horror images presented like the demon nun for example.


The movie does have some flaws though. In an attempt to out do the first movie the plot becomes a little convoluted and certain things end up not making sense in the end. However the movie makes up for it in the scares department which I think are at the same if not better level than the first. Conjuring 2 is a great horror movie and follow up to the original. I hope they come back to the Warrens and finish out a trilogy soon.



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