Frankenculture Approved Plays of the Week!

Alright so here we are again another week, another bunch of amazing clips! This week has some pretty sweet entries! Starting us off is some pretty amazing Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP action. Our main badass here is a sniping machine! Taking out people quickly in the beginning only to have the be revived by a teammate, but again our sniper buddy takes care of them quickly!

Credit YouTube user Maximo Lemos

Following up Wildlands is going to be some Rainbow Six Siege! Our hero here is here to 1v5 a team. The video is completely in fast forward which makes some of the action little less intense, but doesn’t take away from how crazy a 1v5 in Siege really is! Check it out!

Credit YouTube user XIBlaine3XI

Our last clip is gonna be a bit longer than usual. Fortnite Battle Royale continues to be a highlight montage machine! This Clip starts from about 15:20 into rhino crunch’s video. After building an insane tower/floor over the map the begin raining fire down on the poor team that is caught beneath! Check this video out!

Credit YouTube user rinocrunch

Alright and there we have it! Some of the most amazing plays this week! Remember that if you have any awesome clips send them in! Twitter email or comment them below! Thank for watching guys until next time game on my friends!

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