Sinister 2 Review

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Sinister 2 is the kind of movie that shouldn’t exist. Not just because it’s a bad film but because it takes everything the first sinister did right and ruins it.

The movie follows the deputy from the first movie as he continues his investigation from the first movie and I will give the actor credit, he is better than the material he is working with. The rest of the movie revolves around a family living in a farm and ghost kids taking a boy every night and showing him tapes of murdered families in the basement.


The problems in this movie are too numerous to count but let’s begin with the acting. It’s atrocious from the kids and the step father character. The movie tries to show how Bughuul indoctrinates kids into doing his bidding however the movie doesn’t end up doing justice to that. The kids aren’t creepy and the films are shocking for the sake of shock. This movie has no subtle moments like the first film where you come to realizations about what’s actually going on. Instead everything is obvious and in your face except for the ending which tries to be convoluted and mysterious in the hope of setting up more sequels. Well I hope they don’t come and I hope that with enough time we can just forget all about this movie.

The bogeyman lost his mojo



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