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  What’s up fellow shooters, side scrollers and platformers? Ready to save some money? This weeks deals, as we get closer to Halloween I’m going to do my best to keep them horror related, you’re welcome. 

  PlayStation market place must’ve been mentally tuned to me as a handful of horror or monster related titles are getting the discount treatment. First up we have Outlast 2 a survival horror game that admittedly I haven’t played but I was a fan of the first one. You can find it for 40% off at $17.99. 

  Onto another pretty rad deal is the Dead Rising Triple Pack which includes Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record at 60% off for $23.79 if you’re in the mood to go on a zombie murder spree!

  Lastly we have the super awesome and fun Dying Light: The Following- Enhanced Edition which includes all the awesome dlc for $20.99 which is only %30 off but you won’t regret the purchase if you don’t already have the game. 

  With Microsoft and the Xbox One slightly dropping the ball this week, I don’t see too many awesome deals and they are making it hard to stick to the Halloween theme so here’s what ya get haha. 

  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is a hugely immersive, story driven open world RPG you can get $20.00 marked down from $39.99. 

 Also marked down is XCOM 2 an alien survival strategy game originally priced at $59.99 is now $24.00. 

  Lastly I’m not sure if this is technically a deal but it’s a Frankenculture favorite and is very low priced at $7.49 we have Fallout New Vegas which is currently backwards compatible on your Xbox One. 

  To cap this week off we all know Nintendo doesn’t have anything for us but we at Frankenculture do. The gang picked up a few pairs of gaming headsets at the last GameStop Expo here in Las Vegas from the up and coming headset company LucidSound.

  Their headsets have become a staple and favorite to use during our casual gaming and game streaming sessions. Thanks to our high praise of the universal headsets LucidSound has extended a discount to us and our friends to use through an affiliate program. Venture over to the website check out their stuff and if you’re interested, message us at Frankenculture to receive a 20% discount code. 


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