Sinister Review

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When I first saw Sinister I left the theater thinking it was the scariest movie I saw in 2012 and I think that statement still holds true. With its addition in the Blumhouse maze at Halloween Horror Nights this year I felt it warranted a rewatch. So does it hold up?

For those of you who have never seen Sinister, the movie revolves around a true crime author who moves into a house where a family was recently killed in order to begin his own investigation. He finds his biggest lead in a box of tapes that detail multiple murders which sends him down a rabbit hole with potentially paranormal consequences.


Rewatching the movie the first act feels much slower. The only character that you become invested in is the Ellison yet he isn’t given much to do besides exploring the house and watching the films. The films being the real stars of the movie and providing the biggest scares. They are disturbing, intriguing, and shocking all at the same time.

What fails in the rewatch aspect is the investigation. Watching the movie the first time around you figured out the reveal before the movie showed it and the second time around it slows the movie down even more. There’s no weight to the content and it feels like you could get the gist of the movie in about 45 mins.


Even with its pacing issues there are still a few select scenes that understand how to build tension and scare you. It’s a scary movie that I would recommend to those who haven’t seen it and for those who have, you’re better off remembering your first experience than rewatching it.

By the time you see him, it’s too late


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