Crazy Plays of the Week!

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Hey guys! Welcome to another weekly Crazy Plays of the Week! If you’re new to this article it’s where we find some of the best epic, badass, crazy and insane plays on the internet! Now starting us off this week is gonna be from Frankenculture’s own Levi! Now if you didn’t know Levi loves some good ol’ tactile shooters. In this clip we get to see a 1v4 in Ghost Recon Wildland’s pvp!

The next clip you’re gonna see is from another Frankenculture member. Steve takes on the flower boss in Cuphead, and makes a perfect run look easy! Now if you haven’t heard already Cuphead is an infuriating game of trial and error. So a perfect run is something to be remembered take a look at this one!

Click Here! for quick clip!

Click Here! for full perfect run!

The last clip on this week’s list is going to be from Star Wars Battlefront 2! This man goes off! After running into some trouble early on our hero of the day turns it up a notch! Tearing through battle droids like a hot knife through butter. Even taking shots at a menacing sith lord! You’re gonna want to check this one out.

Credit YouTube user Nick Mercer!

That’s gonna wrap up this week’s Top Play’s of the Week! Remember guys, if you see something insane or you make a crazy play please send it in. We would love to see some of your crazy moments in-game. Until next week have fun gaming!


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