Happy Death Day Review

Groundhog Day + Mean Girls +Scream= Happy Death Day

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Happy Death Day is the latest horror movie from Blumhouse. It stars Jessica Rothe in a plot almost directly lifted from Groundhog Day. The movie seems to be aware of this fact and even pokes fun at the idea while following the rules laid down by Groundhog Day. While the movie tries to keep the premise fresh by adding the murderer element you can’t help but feel like you’ve seen this all before.


That’s not to say the movie is not enjoyable. Jessica gives a great performance that elevates the movie above its material. The film’s structure is very predictable with only minor instances of genuine surprise. The movie also utilizes way to many jump scares announcing the scares from a mile away makes the movie suffer in terms of being a scary movie. It’s best aspect however is that it doesn’t take it self too seriously. The ending is ridiculous at best but I found myself having a good time with Happy Death Day. If you’re in the mood for some Halloween fun and want something that’s not too scary or gory then definitely check it out.


A scary makeover on a familiar idea

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