Sweet Freakin Deals Man!! 

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  After spending a few days poking around the Internet to try and find you gamers some sweet deals I’ve finally gathered some to hopefully help keep the wallet fat and your thumbs on the controllers. Let’s break it down!!

  PlayStation made it super easy on me this week by opening their once a month flash sale which lasts until October 16th with games on discount up to 88% off!! Big name titles like The Division(60% off/$19.99), For Honor(58% off/$25.19) and for you fighter fans Street Fighter V(60% off/$15.99).

  Outside of the flash sale in the PlayStation store there’s plenty of other crazy deals like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is 50% off at $29.99 and Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is 83% off for the low low price of $5.09 so if you didn’t get to play the first one treat yourself before Battlefront 2 comes out. 

  I’d like to add that Ghost Recon: Wildlands is on a free trial weekend to show off their new PvP mode which I’ve been obsessed with and if you’re a fan of tactical multiplayer than this is a great deal… free is always good. Ubisoft has added that there will be a big discount on the full game after the free weekend is over if you get hooked on it like I have been. 

  Also free!! A great game that team Frankenculture has been enjoying is Fortnite Battle Royal which is currently early access and free to play. Can you be the  last man standing? 

  Onto another lovable console Xbox One, not to many awesome deals this week in my opinion. They as well are doing the free Ghost Recon weekend and have Fortnite to download as well. They do however have Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Delux Edition for $22.50 marked down from $89.99!! 

And Thief which is marked down to $5.00 from $19.99. 

  Pretty poor showing from Microsoft this week unfortunately but feel free to look through their marketplace and maybe you’ll find something to love. 

  Nintendo once again doesn’t have us in mind as they try to gobble up all of our money. Given I still love my switch but they have no deals for us as usual haha. Maybe one day ladies and gentlemen. 

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