Crazy Play’s Of The Week!

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Hey guy’s Stack here with our first crazy play’s of the week! Starting off this week is gonna be a sick Fortnite Battle Royale play. The hero of this clip is gonna be youtuber Taze HD! As him and he team go for the win Taze easily makes play of the game, by killing every remaining player that’s not a part of his team!

Credit YouTube Channel Taze HD!

Our next clip is going to be an insane save in none other than Rocket League! We have all seen crazy save’s from people flying around the map and hitting the ball to just tapping it at the last second, but this one is a bit different. This man is able to hope up and get the initial save and then mid backflip get a solid clear on the ball!

Credit YouTube channel Nicholas Munoz

Lastly the final clip of the week comes from my favorite game Overwatch! Here we see the full power of the Zarya/Tracer combo ult in action! With some team and game knowledge anyone can make this work but making it this perfect takes a bit of practice take a look!

Credit YouTube channel RazorSharp Productions

If you have any awesome clips that you want to try to have posted please leave us a link to you video or channel to check it out! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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