Happy Friday Ladies And Gents!! It’s Deals Time! 

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Continuing on my efforts to find you all some pretty sweet deals for your gaming addiction I’ve managed to once again compile some stuff for you all to look into!! We will stick to the usual break down by console and hopefully this gets you into the gaming mood. 

  Starting with my preferred console the PlayStation 4 we have our new October free games of the month and once again they don’t disappoint offering Rigs Mechanized Combat League if you’re one of the few PSVR owners   Along with Amnesia: Collection, another 3 game set that comes unfortunately with mixed reviews but if you’re into the horror genre and are a fan of free, then why the hell not??   And lastly Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which is an awesome game with some pretty awesome although sometimes frustrating multiplayer! This game I paid money for I liked it so much and I highly recommend it while it’s free.    Looking through the PS marketplace that’s about the best you’re going to do this week. Hopefully some more deals come about by next week but free is always good. 

  Now with Microsoft and their lovable Xbox One who haven’t updated their free games for October yet but are having a pretty huge sale for the Warner Bros. Publisher which is exciting for you Batman and Injustice fans which lasts until October 10th. 

  Injustice 2 currently is 40% off taking the game from $79.99 to $47.99 and the ultimate edition which is $99.99 to $59.99 and considering all the content they are constantly dropping for this game that’s a great deal I think.   For you Dark Knight fan boys and girls there’s Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition is 60% off for the low low price of $16.00  and before the new the Middle Earth Shadow of War comes out if you would like to replay or haven’t played the original Shadow of Mordor yet the completely awesome game of the year edition is 60% off totaling $8.00!!! how awesome is that!!! With the season pass for the game at $10 so you can get Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition and season pass for $18. Which I think is the best deal overall this week. I know free is nice but spend the money on this game, you won’t regret it. 

And for Nintendo… well Nintendo sucks again. Man I have fun playing the switch but come on, help us gamers out. Now I didn’t want to leave them or you out again so I did try to think out of the box a little and if you head over to Lids.com and click the lifestyle tab and scroll down there are some Nintendo hats haha and even a few on clearance. You’re welcome!


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