Fortnite Battle Royale Review!

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PUBG has been all the rage right now everywhere you go you’ll find clips of stuff going   in this crazy fight for survival game. All these amazing clips all happen to come from the PC community, because PUBG is not yet on the console. What is on console is Fortnite Battle Royale! Some have taken a quick glance at Fortnight and thought that it looks like a cheap knockoff of PUBG, but it’s so much more.

maxresdefault-3     Like I said Fortnite has a lot of the elements from similar games like PUBG, H1Z1 and other games of the genre, but quickly you can tell this game is trying to be a little different. Starting with the art style it’s very cartoony! When the game starts you and 99 people are brought into the field of play on a flying bus. After gliding out of the bus on to your determined spot on the map that’s where your real fun begins! Finding a weapon’s which also have different tier’s!

  • Common – Gray
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Mythic – Gold

adding on to that the pure joy of finding a purple, orange or gold is immeasurable! The shooting is a fun arcade style, some more serious gamers might get a bit frustrated with the gun accuracy. Sometimes you will have a great shot lined up just to see it just miss the target you were shooting at. The biggest gripe that I could honestly find was the insane sniper sensitivity! Playing on a PS4 when scoped in the sniper rifle’s in-game can be a bit annoying trying to make minor adjumenst when you’re new to the game.fortnitebat-640x360.png

Along with the art style and shooting to differentiate itself from PUBG there is also a building mechanic! Yes! In this game you can build a base or sniper tower to shoot down on the poor fools who don’t notice your giant scrap tower. Along with building is that you can literally scrap almost anything in the environment, the only thing I found you cannot tear down was rocks and the actual ground, but trees, houses, cars and other stuff placed on the map are fair game. Building in a game like this brings up some weird angles and crazy situations you can get yourself in and out of. I’ve seen people build a staircase up to shoot people over houses or fences.Fortnite-Review-Shot-(9)

All in all I would defiantly recommend this game to anyone! Especially if you are a gamer who is into the survival, hunger games, battle royal style game. I picked this game up to do a quick stream, and quickly found myself addicted playing almost 4 hours in my first time. The game features a solo style which is a little bit more fast paced and arcades, but the squad style is where I think this game shines! Squad a 4 man team option and is a lot more tactical, and feels like it brings out more of the PUBG style gameplay. When queuing up for squad if you are incomplete you will be paired with additional people! Duo’s should be added soon and it should help with people who don’t have the third or fourth person to join the 4 man squad game.

As I stated before I cannot recommend this enough, and seeing that it is free to play it further pushes my point to at least give it a try! Have any of you played Fortnite Battle Royal? What did you think if you have, let us know!



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