Dear Netflix, WTF?


Everyone’s favorite streaming service is raising prices again.  That’s right, what started all those years ago at $7.99, then $9.99, is going to $10.99.  I feel like I come from a world where EVERYONE has Netflix.  But I also come from a world where it’s just another bill most months.  I use Netflix primarily to fall asleep to listening to MST3k (old or new, they are both my jam).  The content as of late, aside from Marvel and Disney programming, has been lack luster.  Netflix has had their own success with their original content, OITNB, Stranger Things etc. but is still operating at a loss.


While it’s understandable that a business begin charging more for a popular product, my issue is with the content, the meat of their business.  The quality is shit, and that’s none more obvious than when you search through the horror section.  There is so much just garbage in that category.  I know there are some jewels, like “The Void” but a lot of it, is pure crap.  Even the documentary section is riddled with shit.  Sure there’s “Making a Murderer” and the Lady Gaga docu, but then you have to wade through all the conspiracy documentaries and horribly put together UFO bullshit to find something mildly interesting.


Netflix might have a problem in the next upcoming years in terms of content.  Most companies have created their own apps, pulling content off Netflix, vue and hulu.  Netflix will have to focus on their original programming to keep them afloat, and as someone that doesn’t care about OITNB or Ironfist (YOU DON’T NEED TO WATCH THAT SHIT TO UNDERSTAND THE DEFENDERS)  I’ll really be considering if $11 is worth it a month, or is it worth waiting for a week vacation, get Netflix, “binge” everything and then cancel it again.


What are your guys thoughts?  Getting sick of netflix nonsense or am I an old man?!


  1. So, just to put the whole thing in perspective, you built a whole community around your shitty article writing?
    So it seems Buzzfeed is infectious.


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