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Lady Gaga released her documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two a week ago on September 22,2017 through the mega streaming service Netflix. Pop diva Lady Gaga took us on a hour and a half journey behind the scenes of her professional and personal life. The documentary opens with a shot of Gaga being raised upward in costume toward the ceiling preparing for Superbowl 51 in Houston’s Reliant Stadium. Gaga: Five Foot Two is  an in depth and candid look into the life that is Gaga and documents her many life events from the writing and recording of her latest album Joanneall the way to her Superbowl 51 performance. gaga 2

Lady Gaga also runs into a couple personal issues in the documentary such as relationship struggles and a breakup with longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney. The documentary really brings out the real Stefani Germanotta and not the bright and flashy persona that is Lady Gaga. Gaga drops the high fashion and strips down to shorts and a tee shirt. Lady Gaga definitely brings it back the basics when writing and recording her latest release Joanne.

Lady Gaga also speaks on the infamous ongoing feud between her and Madonna in the film, she gets real candid about the situation. It would not be a Lady Gaga documentary without a little bit of shock, Gaga goes topless in a scene, a very big Gaga move. This documentary is perfect for Gaga fans aka Little Monsters and people who know nothing about Gaga. Gaga: Five Foot Two is really entertaining and you get a real understanding of who Lady Gaga is and what she is really about.

I, myself am a big Lady Gaga fan and of course I consider myself a monster and I will not lie to you some moments really hit you in the heart strings. This documentary really opened my eyes and proved me that not only is Gaga great artist, performer, and musician but an awesome real down to earth human being.



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