Deals Deals Deals!!!

   Wilkilboozy here, dropping some deals in yo laps to keep those wallets fat… or purses for the ladies!! Gaming is getting expensive so I’m going to try and drop some deals for you guys every week that I stumble across for multiple platforms except PC because those are lame and all’s you need to know is everything is free if you look hard enough or goto STEAM. To keep things simple Im just going to go by console. 

    PlayStation 4!!! Who doesn’t like free!!! The games of month are pretty good so get them before September is over. Infamous Second Son, Strike Vector EX and That’s You are all free until October.         Also in the PlayStation Store if you’ve never played the amazing game The Last Of Us you’re in luck as the game is 50% off right now for a low low price of $9.99 and this game is still one of my favorites!!!  

also for PlayStation we have BioShock: The Collection which is 50% off as well at $29.99 but keep in mind that is all 3 games BioShock, BioShock2 and BioShock Infinite. Overall probably the best deal other than free!!! 

Keep in mind please all these deals only last until Monday October 2nd so get to downloading!!
    Onto Xbox One!! Microsoft doesn’t disappoint. Oxenfree and Forza Motorsport 5: GOTY edition are both free until October so strike while the iron is hot! 

Other notables from the Xbox Marketplace is Rocket League at 40% off costing a whopping $11.99 along with their dlc on sale. 

And last but not least for you shooter fans TitanFall 2: Ultimate Edition is half off for $20 and the game is pretty freakin rad!!

  Do your best to get these ASAP as the sale also ends by the weekends end as well for you Microsoft junkies. 

    Then last and mostly disappointingly the Nintendo Switch!! Take note I love the console but man they want all your money right now so sucks to be you if you’re looking for something on the cheap!! 

    With the exception of lame Nintendo there are plenty of other deals throughout your preferred consoles marketplace but please don’t go looking yourself or I won’t have anything to write about next week. 


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