YouTube Getting Twitchy! New Twitch Style Subscriptions For Everyone!

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Livestreaming, vlogging, reviews and posting videos on YouTube is a booming hobby and for a some people and income. All in all it is a huge and growing community. Twitch the long time front-runner streaming platform has a feature called “subscriptions”. Introduced by Twitch’s Partner Program which lets viewers pay for special emjoi’s and ad free viewing, and these prices go from $4.99 to a $9.99 tier and a $24.99 tier. All of which are monthly charges and YouTube has decided that they want to go the same way.

YouTube as a whole is inducting the same ideas under a different name “sponsors”. Until yesterday this feature was in beta, but now any channel in the YouTube Gaming app is eligible for this feature. Viewers can pay $4.99 a month for emoticons and badges to show off on their favorite streamer or game personalities channel. It remains to be seen how popular this service will be, with less than 1% of channels actually using this feature.

With so many other brands gaining on YouTube it looks like they are trying to expand their brand. Bringing in other ideas such as this from other competitors to try to bring creators from other companies. With YouTube’s limitless reach we can only see how this goes. Somthing to add is that eventually these sponsor’s will not only be for gaming channels. Eventually they will be going across all YouTube so for all of you makeup guru’s and vlogger’s be on the look out for any announcement’s

That said with all of the ad problems and demonization that has been going on with YouTube, this could be a great way for some smaller channels to gain some traction and support in a very crowded community. I personally as a smaller channel on YouTube love to see a little more support, and I cant wait to see how this helps out the community!


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