Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones But Words Are No longer Nerfed And Are Starting To Hurt!  

Younger me was definitely the kid that got hurt easily and probably ran home to mamma more than I’d like to admit, looking back it’s probably attributed to my thicker skin as an adult and has also made me realize that I survived those harsh words and people were right when saying “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will NEVER hurt you” People recently seem to be forgetting this and apparently a large chunk of them possibly reside in the video gaming community. A community that I hold dear to my shit talk loving heart. 
I have been known to assert my verbal dominance over an opponent before, during and after multiplayer games as well have been on the receiving end of soul hurting, rage inducing verbal rants!! I have NEVER though ran to the report button in one of my favorite online games to let a developer know someone hurt my feelings. A couple articles posted on recently reported that Blizzards hugely popular multiplayer game Overwatch are stating that after recently adding a “report player” option to their console versions upwards of 480,000 accounts had disciplinary actions taken against them and 340,000 of those came from said player reports!! GTFO!! That’s a lot of shit talking!!
 I at first was impressed and then started thinking that some of these might be players who appear to be cheating, or hacking to some extent to gain an edge on the competition but then when a follow up article posted and the developer was asking people to try being nice to each other I started laughing and my fears were confirmed. Did this fool say to try being nice to each other?? To that I say “fuck you and get rekt noob” I’ll happily extend to you an occasional GG at the end of a match but also expect a few T-bags in game, half the fun of online multiplayer is shit talking and getting into the heads of your opponent. I definitely can get riled up a lot and am guilty of the occasional fit of rage after being dominated, but man it’s just a game and possibly getting someone’s account banned because they said something I didn’t like is a low blow. Being nice isn’t the solution the world needs in the gaming community
. Video games just like the movies have a rating system to warn you of possible adult nonsense going on, M for mature rated games are probably going to have some mature people playing. Reading these articles bummed me out a little to see the “report player” button has officially become the internet safe space for cry baby online players. Definitely be nice in real life, say hello to people, hold doors for strangers, say please and thank you, be respectful to everyone. Leave my video games alone though! If this keeps up I’m going to demand a report button for the report button to report, report button abuse!! 
To my gamers reading this keep doing what you do, feel free to remind me I suck when I play horrible but don’t get upset when I point out you got dominated the next round and should probably sell your game and try playing only minecraft from now on. Keep gaming, keep T-bagging and keep having fun. 

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  1. This is literally sad to me. It’s the culture of video games. Now the issue I have is gamers being overly sexual. Also very irritating when they find out a younger person is playing and become overly aggressive and inappropriate. I mean I get it if you don’t want your kid hearing it then don’t let them play but still it’s respect and unfortunately this day and age also lacks that!

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