Dear Nintendo, I’m sorry.

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When the Switch was announced, I shit all over it.  I thought the premise and the commercial was ridiculous.  Why would I ever take my gaming system to play with my friends of a roof.  WHY WOULD I WANT TO RISK DROPPING IT, BREAKING IT, LOSING THE STUPIDLY NAMED JOY CONS AND NEVER BEING ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN?!?!


Fast forward to E3, where Nintendo had a huge footprint.  They had created a giant street with multiple gaming demos.  Rabbid Kong loomed over us in the lobby and people were walking around in hats with eyes on them.  I was still equally angry.  Why is this in my way?  Why should I care?  This is GARBAGE.


Then it happened.  My wife and I had a night out at a local bar called “Nerd Bar”.  We sat down at the bar and in front of us were two joy cons and Mario Kart.   We buzzed-ly played through some levels and unfortunately had fun.  It’s crazy how easy it was for both of us to dive in and send red turtle shells hurling at each other.  That began the hunt.


Games being released for PS4 and Xbox lately haven’t exactly  been created for the spectator.  My wife HATED watching me play No Mans Sky and HATES watching Destiny.  She enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Fallout 4.  Games like those though aren’t the normal anymore.  Destiny and NMS are both expierence driven or you almost create your own story as you go through.  (If you buy Destiny 2 for the story hit yourself in the head with a hammer.)  We both had fun playing Mario Kart.  It was the multiplayer expierence I was looking for, to get her to join the nonsense on the couch!  Low and behold though, I couldn’t find one anywhere.

Levi and Steve rushing to play Mario Kart

I searched Best Buys, Targets and Walmart within 20 miles of my house.  It now became an obsession.  I no longer wanted a Switch,  I NEEDED IT.  I stalked the websites, and video game aisles hoping to randomly find one.  I didn’t want to spend the $600 on the Game Stop bundle either.  I wanted to find it in the wild and have the thrill of the hunt.  I wanted to turn the corner and find it!  I ended up looking at a Best Buy when an employee approached me and filled me in.  They’d be selling some stock on the following Sunday, so I lined up at 8 am to get my Switch.


Guys.  It’s so annoyingly fun.  I hate it.  My wife is super good at it as well.  She’s been playing against her friends online, and will murder me in balloon battle.  Zelda is so massively huge that it’s overwhelming.  You see somewhere and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk.  ITS HUGE.  The most annoying thing is how wrong I was.  I enjoy taking it off the dock and playing upstairs or around the house.  I forgot how friendly and nice the Nintendo universe is.  Mario and his friends are so great.  I also forgot how much I love WALUIGI.  Levi came over and played Mario Kart with us and three days later purchased one himself.  It’s amazingly fun and I highly recommend it for all gamers.  Just go out and have fun.
So again, I’m sorry Nintendo. I’m sorry I trash talked you all this time. I should believe in your ridiculous business practices of no supply for outrageous demand.  Thanks for still being there. 


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