Lego Brickfest finally hits Las Vegas

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Over the weekend me and the family were fortunate enough to attend the first ever Lego Brickfest Live here in Las Vegas, Nv. The event took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and was an absolute blast.



Fans of all shapes and sizes gathered to build and talk all things Lego. The event was full of activities, Lego fanatics had the opportunity to participates in events like Derby car racing (which you had 5 minutes to build prior), amazing glow in the dark sections filled with on the spot creations, and even a massive pool compiled entirely of blue and yellow bricks.


       “The great thing about Lego is that there is no manual, Kids can move mountains with these tiny building blocks and it gives them enough momentum to move in any direction they want to go. This is really about learning how to change the world.”

                                                             – Producer of the event Chris Danilo


This event much like any other Lego spectacle showcased amazing works built entirely out of Lego. Upon entering you are greeted with a 5 foot statue of Woody from Toy Story. There was also an attendee built Lego mural of Lego batman and a massive boy scout camp scene that traversed several tables. The event was full of smiles and laughs from both parents and children letting their creative juices flow with the array of things available. It ended up being loads of fun and we would highly recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interested. The entrance fee was very minimal at about $12 for general admission and was absolutely worth it for the 4 hour time bracket you are given. Definitely check it out if it hits a town near you!

For more information, visit


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