LS 20 (Lucid Sound) Headset 2 Week Review!

Major headphone companies are everywhere! Turtle Beach, Razer and many more. Especially at a video game convention like Gamestop Expo. Luckily a Frankenculture member told me about Lucid Sound. We ended up at the booth and after talking to the founder and another worker I couldn’t say no.

I tried out all the headsets available at the booth and decided to go with the entry level pair. Calling them entry level isn’t quite the word though, the only difference I found was that the size of them was a little smaller than other models. I can’t say it enough these headphones are amazing! Streaming and gaming with them hardcore for 2 weeks has been amazing! The quality of a $300 headset for a much lower price. I cannot recommend this company and this headset enough, definitely check out Lucid Sound for there amazing headsets! Also to watch a quick video review on the LS20 CLICK HERE!


Do you have this headset or have you dealt with LS? Let us know know what you think of this headset and company!




  1. My friend has a pair of these and I tried them out and I liked them they were pretty cool.. not to bad on sound or anything.. not sure if I would buy a pair myself but I didn’t mind trying them out


    1. Thank you for leaving some feedback! If you ever get a chance to buy some I recommend It! Do you have any kind of favorite headset or brand?


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