IT (2017) Review


IT(2017) Review

The highly anticipated retelling of the classic Stephen King story of the same name has hit theaters. The movie takes the story of the novel and the 80s mini series and focuses on the kids storyline. But does only telling half the story work in its favor? The answer is absolutely!!


The story takes place in the town of Derry where seven kids come together to deal with their problems, which in this case are that an evil clown is terrorizing them and wants to kill them. Within this simple premise the movie shines by creating incredible characters for all of these kids where you believe their friendship and are each given their own personality. This movie above all else makes you care for these kids and that’s all thanks to great writing and amazing performances from the cast. It’s safe to say they all have very bright futures ahead of them.


The biggest worry people had going into IT was the portrayal of Pennywise. So many people have the Tim Curry portrayal imbedded into their heads that anyone trying to fill his shoes would be at a disadvantage. That being said Bill Skarsgard knocked it out of the park. Pennywise goes from being a fun character in a horror movie to a genuine force of nature. He has 1 goal and that’s to create fear in these kids and he does it very efficiently and anytime he is on screen he makes you uneasy with his presence. I genuinely enjoyed his portrayal and can’t wait to wait to watch the movie again to pick up on all the nuances of his performance.


In a post Stranger Things world the movie bears a lot of similarities to that show and it’s overall aesthetic. However as the movie goes on it reveals a level of intensity that helps separate it from that show as well as previous iterations of this story. The movie earns its R rating with some mature dialogue and disturbing imagery as Pennywise psychologically torments each of the kids in new and creative ways.

The movie is quite long and suffers from a couple of small dips in its pacing as it goes about its runtime. However thinking back, every single scene felt relevant by either creating character moments or setting up for payoff in a later scene.

Last thing to address is something anyone who is familiar with this story is wondering. Yes, it does appear that the director and studio want to tell the adult storyline at some point and set up for that story to be told. I for one can’t wait. This movie leaves plenty of breadcrumbs to a larger to story that can only be addressed in another chapter and if this movie is any proof, I think the story would be in great hands.

IT takes its time with great source material and creates a great character drama filled with humor and scares to keep you entertained for another 27 years. If you’re a fan of Stephen King or Stranger Things, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie.


It floats all the way to the top



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  1. Likewise, I really enjoyed the film. I love the reminiscent feeling that brings me back to my childhood. I grew up seeing films like The Goonies, E.T., and Sandlot. Next generations of youngsters deserve all the creative exposure they can get. We are living in exciting times with a lot of potential for the future.


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