Cozoo Gaming Headset Stand

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I recently purchased this little piece of awesome equipment to help with two problems that I constantly keep having. Keeping my electronics organized when not in use and also having enough places to charge said electronics without the constant juggle of unplugging one thing to plug in another while maintaining enough power to use what I just unplugged while charging whatever was about to die!!! Following me here, or did I lose you??

None the less after surfing through the marketplace for just a regular headset stand I came across Cozoos gaming headset stand and charging station and immediately had my interest sparked and started reading reviews and looking at other products and finally settled on these guys. The Cozoo stand not only performs its basic function of holding my headset when not in use but it also boasts three USB ports and two A/C plug ports for charging or powering a device with its own Orange power button on the stand in case you no longer need to use the stand for whatever reason.

Set up line an Atari Controller.  Also pictured the THREE USB ports.

After the super simple set up and finding a place to put it I’m extremely impressed with its functionality and am happy with the purchase also I forgot to add it won’t break the bank, at $44.99 retail I got the Cozoo stand on Amazon for $34.99. My only complaint is it only comes in the orange and black color scheme. In a world full of options I was a little bummed I couldn’t choose a different color from this company. Still once again if you’re in the market for such an item I definitely recommend this Cozoo Headset Stand.


Click here to check it out on Amazon!




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