Hand’s On With Far Cry 5!

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Last week Frankenculture decided to tackle that GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an amazing show with amzing booths and great demos everywhere. One of which one Far Cry 5! One of the first games I wrote about on the website. So I thought to myself “I have to get my hands on this one!” So I got in line and got ready for the adventure.

Farcry5 GFH.jpg

When you hop into the demo the first thing you notice is it is beautiful. The color’s are vibrant and life-like. The world feels and sounds alive! After picking a “gun for hire” which basically seems like a companion, you head out to liberate a town from the crazy religious cult enemies in the game. Combat in this mission felt great im not the most accurate shot in the world, but pulling off a great head shot with a magnum felt awesome!


After liberating the town you move on to the next area which I chose to drive a semi truck there the hills of Montana. The driving felt like any other Far Cry game, kinda clunky but very fun. Also I was able to find some wildlife, but not so much that it was bothersome. I hadn’t gotten to the final part of the demo and I was already in love with it.


The final mission took you out flying after meeting one of the three companions in the game. He told you to take his plane out on a bombing run and let me tell you this is where I was sold. Even though flying in Far Cry may not be the smoothest it was fun! After dropping bomb on multiple targets a dog fight between you and an enemy plan ensue’s. Dogfighting in games always seems great to me. Even tho piloting may not be easy hearing the machine guns fire and the engine roar it was a great experience!


All in all I thought that Far Cry 5’s playable demo was amazing. The sights, sounds, gameplay and everything was spot on. I was already excited for this title and now im even more so! If you guys have tried it let us know your thoughts on it! What was your favorite part or companion (Boomer FTW) let us know that too!


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