We Were There: Gamestop Expo 2017

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expo2017v2The Gamestop expo was a yearly conference for their staff to come, see the new games and accessories and get a yearly rah rah.  In 2013 they decided to open it to the public here in Vegas.  It was an amazing time to do it.  Xbox and Sony had their next gen systems there for everybody to try.  Lines weren’t long so it was easy to get hands on with the XBONE and PS4.  They had all types of vendors there running contests and giveaways (I had even won an OUYA system!)  It was an amazingly positive experience where I didn’t have to wait in line for 8 hours to play one game (Looking at you E3!)  Gamestop actually rotates between Las Vegas and Anaheim with their conferences so this past Sunday, this was only the third in Vegas open to the public, but sixth overall.  Did it hold up?  Were we inundated with lines and nonsense?

The Frankenculture team was onsite for this year’s Gamestop Expo and we were worried off the bat.  The line for the VIP entrance was out of control as we were receiving pics while we sat and ate breakfast sandwiches and drank overpriced Bud Lights.  We logged in to the “Playstation Experience” app to RSVP for VR demos.  We chose 10 o’clock, as the VIP doors opened at 9:30 and we could do it and not miss much.  We walked up to the VR demos, got to play our choice of games (stay tuned for hands on reviews!), and finally walked into the show.

It almost seemed that everyone had purchased the VIP badges, as the floor wasn’t overly full and stayed that way.  It was perfect.  I ran to meet Kurt Angle as the other guys went and played MULTIPLE games before I was out of the line.  It was perfect.  Our longest line was at Bethesda at the VR offering (Skyrim, DOOM VR and Fallout VR).  It was worth the wait (again, hands on reviews coming soon).  I almost don’t want to tell you all how great the show was because it was so comfortable and easy going.  Vendors were offering DEEP discounts on merch, cosplayers were walking around snapping pictures with eager fans, and booths were having HUGE giveaways.

The VIP bag was entirely worth it, with some amazing swag including a funko subscription box, a Clap Trap Yahtzee set and a Wind Waker Puzzle.  All in all the show was amazing, and the Frankenculture team is already planning on making the trip to Anaheim next year to tackle it.  If you get a chance to ever check it out, take it.  Come on out to Vegas and make a week of it, come enjoy our heat, legalized everything and some awesome video games.

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