Game of Thrones Ep 6 “Beyond the Wall”

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The A Team heads off to find a white walker. We get some pretty cool interactions between the characters. The best being a conversation between Tormund and the Hound about Tormund’s one true love, Brienne of Tarth.

When will those two finally get together?

Sadly for Tormund, maybe never as Brienne might end up meeting Jaime Lannister again.

Jon Snow and Jorah Mormont
Jon Snow and Jorah Mormont. 

Jon Snow and Jorah Mormont talk about the late Jeor Mormont, Jorah’s father. Jon tries to give Jorah Longclaw, the ancestral Valyrian sword of House Mormont.

Beric Dondarrion mentions to Jon that he does not look like Ned Stark. It’s a bit of a strange thing to comment on out of no where. Does Beric have some info about Jon’s true parentage? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, it has been mentioned in the books that out of all the Stark kids, Jon and Arya are the only ones that resemble Ned the most. They have the dark hair and Stark features, while the rest have Catelyn’s Tully looks. So either this is faulty writing or a hint of something greater.

Jon and co get attacked by a white walker polar bear, which is pretty freaking cool to see, but unfortunately lose some of the wildling companions. Thoros is gravely injured and eventually loses his life. Beric and Jon need to be careful now as they won’t have a Red Priest to bring them back to life, unless Melisandre makes her way back to Westeros soon.

They come across a group of white walker scouts and manage to ambush them. The main leader is killed and the rest of the white walkers die as a result. If you kill the original white walker, most likely the Night King, does that mean the army will also fall?

Jon and co

The marching army of the dead find and chase the Jon and his group to a frozen lake. Gendry leaves his warhammer behind and makes a run for Eastwatch to get help.  The dead don’t catch up to our heroes as they make sanctuary to a small island in the middle as the ice breaks. They are stranded there for possibly a couple days. Gendry makes it to Eastwatch what seems to look like the same day, though.

This episode was good, but not great. One of the reasons is a problem that has been showing up more and more in the latest seasons. The travel time frame seems to be very messed up. In the beginning of the episode, it looked like the group was in the North at least a couple of days. Gendry runs and makes it to Eastwatch by nightfall. So were Jon and co just walking near the Wall hoping to find a wandering walker? Gendry has a raven sent to Daenerys to send help. A raven, while pretty fast considering the time, would probably take at least a couple of days to make it all the way down to Dragonstone. Daenerys and her dragons could take another. Point being, that the writer’s need to show a bit more consideration to the timeline they are setting up. It’s not necessary to show our characters traveling and all that, as they now only have a season left to wrap things up, but if they are going to set up scenarios in the future, they need more collaboration of where the characters are and how soon they will react.

Sansa and Arya
Sansa and Arya at odds with each other. 

In Winterfell, Sansa is shocked when Arya accuses her of trying to take all power from Jon. Littlefinger is playing them against each other. Sansa thinks Arya is dangerous and will use her knowledge of the letter she was forced to write to Robb. The Northern lords are fickle and keep changing their allegiances and if they find that Sansa seemed to back the Lannisters, it will not end well for her.

Soon after she receives a summons from Cersei to go to King’s Landing, but sends Brienne in her stead. Did Sansa really receive a summons from King’s Landing? Littlefinger may be behind this. Cersei would know that there is no chance Sansa would ever come back to KL. Either way, she just sent a very capable warrior away and now has one less reliable person to protect her.  Brienne was basically me during this scene. I wish Sansa would heed her warnings that Littlefinger is not be be trusted.

Sansa discovers Arya’s “faces”. Sansa reacts like anyone would and freaks out. Arya only makes it worse as she basically threatens Sansa’s life. Their past is brought up twice in this episode. Their conflict seems to be stemmed with the resentment they held with each other as children.

Night King
The Night King.

North of the Wall, the lake freezes over again and a frenzied fight ensues between the living and the dead. Seems like all hope is lost until Dany arrives guns blazing with her three dragons; Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal.

It was a Fire Fight
It was a fire fight! 

Dany rides in to pick up the survivors. Jon being the hero that he is, stays behind to give everyone else a chance to get on Drogon. He hesitates for too long. The Night King makes his move and takes the chance to bring down Viserion. Using an ice spear, the dragon is takes a hard landing into the lake and eventually sinks. Drogon and Rhaegal scream for their fallen brother. Dany doesn’t cry or anything. She’s shocked to see one of her children taken down just like that. The Night King goes for another spear. Jon gets taken down and also ends up in the lake, but Dany reacts and Drogon takes off. He manages to dodge the second spear, he must have learned his lesson after getting hit by the ballista in episode 4.

Night King Viserion
Night King showing his skills at javelin throwing. 

The Night King takes his army and starts leaving the lake. If you look closely as Jon resurfaces the lake, Longclaw’s pommel changes a bit. The wolf looks like it has plain white eyes, but just as Jon reaches for it, the eyes darken. It looks almost like it’s eyes “open”. Will Jon “open” his eyes and realize his true heritage? It would be great to see everyone learn about his origins in the finale.

The white walkers surround him and Benjen Stark comes to his rescue. Benjen must have been following the white walker army, or maybe his nephew, Bran, was able to communicate with him. Benjen falls and Jon rides off to the Wall barely alive. He wakes up in a Targaryen ship. He makes his apologies to Dany for the loss of Viserion, blaming himself for the way the expedition turned out. She resolves to destroy the undead army and Jon agrees to accept Dany as his queen.

The Night King and his forces use a massive chain to pull up Viserion’s body out of the lake. He then makes a long awaited fan theory into reality. Viserion becomes zombie ice dragon. The Night King will now be able to melt down or just fly over the Wall. Watch out Westeros, the night is dark and full of terrors!

RIP Viserion. But not for long. 




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