Fallout 4 VR First Thoughts!

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WWoHKO8         “Welcome home!” The slogan that caught many gamers eyes back in 2015, by home they meant the postapocalyptic world of Fallout 4. The return to the Fallout franchise after 7 years was beloved by many. Now 2 years after its release we have DLC, mod support (Console and pc), and now most recently VR!

That’s right Fallout 4 may have already been a complete game and beloved by many, but Bethesda has gone one step further. If you have played Fallout you know the world its barren, desolate, beautiful, and ferocious! That didn’t change in the VR version at GameStop Expo 2017 in Las Vegas I got my hands on Fallout VR.


Starting off It’s the same game! Nothings changed except your hands (you don’t have any) the demo was 2 or 3rd mission in the game. I will say after entering the VR headset it is a little weird at first. Walking around felt very odd and made my knees a little shaky at first, but you get used to it and it becomes the same game we all know and love. The first enemy I ran into was the Concord Deathclaw, you know the one that comes out of the street when you save Preston. After taking care of that freakish giant lizard I went on to save my friend Preston Garvey. Preston_Garvey

Like I said before this is the exact same game so if you know what you’re doing the demo goes by very fast. The only real issues I had were the shakes knees and walking into wall made me abruptly jump back in real life. Other than that there were no issues. I honestly cannot wait to play this again, but as it’s only on the HTC Vive at the moment I’m not sure when I will have access to it again.

For what it’s worth I definitely recommend anyone that has a Vive to purchase Fallout 4 VR wich is available on December 12, 2017! What are your thoughts have you checked out Fallout VR yet? If so feel free to let us know what you think! Until next time my wasteland wanderers I’ll talk to you later!


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