Funko keeps it’s cool amidst Twitter hacking.

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I’m sure we can all agree that cock pirates are the worst kind of pirates. Today these pirates set their piratey sights on one of Frankenculture’s favorite companies, Funko.

At around 1:45 PST today and unknown individual or individuals took control of the vinyl toy giant’s account.


At first glance it could be mistaken as a vague tease of some upcoming pop! or other vinyl figure but if you are an avid Funko follower it would stand out to you that their tweets are never so crass or the slightest bit vulgar. The tweet was gone within a minute or so followed by this:


Yep, Funko was indeed hacked, the company was very transparent with it’s followers along the way stating :


The whole thing happened in a matter of minutes but shows the company’s humor and disaster management, fans like myself found it hilarious, but it also goes to show how a good social media team can turn an attack into a comical show for Funko fans.

Funko’s twitter has been quiet since the attack, so enjoy the last two tweets left by those pesky pirates before they sailed away!





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