McFarlane Toys Take It Like A Champ Bloody Lucille vs. Regular!

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Isaiah here! I know it has been a while… I am sorry for my absence. But, I hope to make it up to you guyz 😉 I preordered her on March 15, 2017 and received her August 21, 2017.


I think she is amazing! They did a pretty good job on her, but it really looks like they made too many originals and just threw some paint on it. Wish it had more wear in it. I didn’t mention this in my video about it, but I am realizing this after.


The original very clean, was missing that wear and blood and tarnishing! Hoped we could have gotten it, but it seems very half-assed to me… and again, I do not mention this at any moment in my YouTube video about them.


Not bad though for a mass produced product. They look amazing to me! Hahaa.

My favorite part about the Take It Like A Champ Lucille is the grip.


Looks like hands were on it and smudging and it is just perfect. I am pretty sure I saw an interview with McFarlane from Startimus Prime, I am pretty sure, but he said that they were actually holding them and making it look more authentic which I do appreciate.

I will provide the side-by-side video review of the two Lucille bats below! Please check it out if you would like, I would really appreciate it 🙂 ALSO, I have a giveaway going on! We are a couple subscribers away! Check out the channel to find out how to enter 🙂 Big box of goodies!! !

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