Gamescom Announcements!

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2324ec96-3670-4d9f-b06f-756d8247687a.jpgMicrosoft’s yearly event Gamescom kicked off today and it did so with a bang! 7 trailers launched today for games such as the beautiful as always Assasin’s Creed trailer. Xbox still showing their love and support for the indy dev teams, With more support for the ID @ Xbox program. Those are just some of the great games that were there.

Also other pretty big announcements were made. A brand new limited edition Minecraft Xbox One that is decked out to look like a block of dirt from Minecraft! Also speaking of console a Xbox One X project Scorpio was announced which is basically just a shout out to the original name that came out for the system.


All kinds of other news came out but that just some of the quick hits I thought were amazing. If you would like to check out more of the news coming out of Gamescom please be on the lookout at! Are you guys interested in anything you heard about let us know!


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