The Defenders Review

After what seemed liked months, The Defenders finally got released over on Netflix which is Marvel Televisions version of The Avengers which brought all the Marvel heroes together and I took advantage of not being well to watch every episode back to back and here is my review for the show.

My first impression was that the first two episodes seemed really drawn out focusing on what has happened to them since the end of their respective shows with Matt Murdock winning Court cases and retired as the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Luke Cage being released from prison and finding his purpose, Jessica Jones still drinking a lot and trying to avoid the limelight and finally Iron Fist hunting members of The Hand which are a secret Organisation of martial art criminals which becomes the main plot of this season.

My disappointment was seeing pretty much half the whole season before The defenders actually meeting and when it got to Episode 4 thankfully the season really picked up and seeing them all trying to bond with most of them not actually wanting to team up it did allow great chemistry between them and also allowed their distinct personalities to bounce off each other.

The main antagonist of the show was Alexandra who is in charge of The Hand which is played by Sigourney Weaver who was brilliant in the role where she brought a certain menace to the character and who is also very vulnerable at the same time.

The Problem I found with the show is that if you haven’t watched the other shows then you would struggle to understand certain plots which is important as it plays a major part at the end and if you haven’t watched Daredevil etc then I would recommend you watch all the other shows before this one.

With all the setup and slight confusion if you haven’t watched the other shows, I don’t understand why they wasted so much time at the beginning of the season dragging so much out if they intended that you watch the other shows first as they could have pretty much cut out the first 2-3 episodes and started with them meeting up in the beginning.

My favourite Character was Jessica Jones who pretty much stole the show with her put-downs and breaking away to focus on her own investigations while my least favourite was Iron Fist played by Finn Jones who doesn’t fit the character at all and was the wrong casting in my opinion which also showed in his own show which did not perform compared to the others.

Apart from the first three episodes which was drawn out, I actually started enjoying the season from episode 4 and there is lots of points that will enable you to enjoy watching, but I could not help but feel slightly disappointed as the ending leaves more questions then answers which will be resolved in the next shows but I would recommend if you are a massive fan of the previous shows to definitely watch this but only if you have watched the other shows. I will give this season a 7/10 for effort but they could have done so much more.

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