Game of Thrones Ep 5 “Eastwatch”

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Only two more episodes left after this til the season ends!


*Cue sad violin music*


This episode is sure to please. Jaime is alive! Well if the prophecy of the valonquar is going to come true, Game of Thrones is not done with Jaime Lannister.

Daenerys gives the remaining soldiers who fought against her an ultimatum. Join or die. Naturally many bend the knee when Drogon convinces them. Randyll Tarly takes a stand and makes it known that he won’t join her. Even knowing Cersei, he’d rather follow her than a leader from a foreign land with no real ties in Westeros. Tyrion tries to convince the dragon queen to let him take the black. The Wall needs experienced people like Lord Tarly. Daenerys nonetheless,  proceeds to burn him and his son Dickon alive. She isn’t taking any prisoners in this war.

Dickon and Randyl Tarly
Dickon and Lord Randyll Tarly standing tall even in defeat. 

Hmmm hints of the Mad King some might think. Dany is gonna have to work on her charm and bedside manner. With the Tarly leaders gone, is the house done for too? Sam won’t be able to take the title of Lord Tarly as he is still under his Night’s Watch oath. Westeros is running out of leaders and houses fast!

Jaime makes it back to King’s Landing to warn Cersei of the devastation one dragon created. Cersei is putting all her bets on getting mercenaries to fight for her. She’s told that it was really Olenna that was behind Joffrey’s death. Cersei refuses to believe it until all the facts click together in her mind. Olenna’s love for her granddaughter wouldn’t allow her let Margaery marry someone as vile as Joffrey. Tommen was the easier one to control and Olenna would have been pulling the strings in the end.

Cersei really regrets her decision to let Jaime give Olenna a painless death.

Drogon and Daenerys
Drogon and Daenerys return to Dragonstone. 

Jon greets Dany back at Dragonstone, but not before getting up close to Drogon. It looked like Drogon wanted to test Jon’s character, but Jon keeps his cool and gets to pet the dragon.  Dany seems to consider Jon’s reaction. She’s probably thinking “Damn, he’s good with my kids too!”. Haha! I swear I’m not a Dany/Jon shipper, but this episode kept having them give each other little looks here and there.

Daenerys and Jorah
Jorah returns to his queen.

Then there were three. Jorah arrives at Dragonstone now (he must have used whatever carriage service Littlefinger used to get across Westeros in a matter of days). Quickly it becomes evident to Jon that he’s not the only one after Dany. Too bad for Jorah though, he still seems to be in the friendzone.

Army of the Dead

Bran wargs into a raven and scouts north of the Wall. The huge army of white walkers is marching south. The Night King seemed to have the ability to know Bran was spying on them. He snaps out of the warging state and has ravens sent all across Westeros to let everyone know.

The maesters at Oldtown don’t believe that the letter is true and that it must be a ploy from Dany. Sam happens to be in the same room and realizes that Bran survived his trip in the North. He tries once again to convince the maesters that many will believe the White Walker threat if the maesters do as well. Much to Sam’s frustration, they still don’t budge and shoo him away. They never reveal to Sam what happened to his father and brother.

Once Sam does find out, it will probably be REALLY awkward when he finds that Jon is partnering up with Dany. Can’t wait to see how that conversation will go.

Tyrion and Varys
Tyrion and Varys discuss not letting Dany become the Mad King 2.0

Tyrion and Varys discuss how Dany fared in her first major victory in Westeros. Varys also gets flashbacks to the mad king. He wants to make sure that Dany listens to their counsel and stops burning people alive.

The raven from Bran arrives in Dragonstone. Jon finds out Arya and Bran are alive. He doesn’t really react as the news of the undead army really gets his attention. You can just feel the love the Stark kids have for each other!

The counsel makes a plan to get Cersei to believe the White Walker threat is true so they can temporarily team up with her. It’s going to take as many soldiers as possible to take down the massive army marching south. They are going to bring a single undead soldier to King’s Landing. The Night’s Watch tried to bring a severed hand from one of the White Walkers to King’s Landing, but it had gone to rot by the time it reached the capital. Would a White Walker even be able to survive long with the magic of the Wall in place? Jon volunteers to lead the expedition, much to everyone’s chagrin. Jon isn’t the type of king to sit around and give orders, he’s a man of action.

The Northern lords don’t seem to agree with his ways, though. In Winterfell, all the lords are questioning Jon’s rule and are showing their support for Sansa to rule instead. Arya sees that and believes that Sansa is using this in her favor. The last time the  sisters were together, Sansa was always wanting the finer things in life. Arya probably also sees the influence Cersei had in her sister. Is Sansa truly ambitious now for the Northern throne? There’s a lot of friction between the two sisters, and Littlefinger plans to use it to his advantage. In the last episode, Sansa reacted like she was almost horrified at how skilled Arya is at fighting and how dangerous she could be. I think Littlefinger is going to prove how deadly Arya is to further divide up the Starks.

In winter, the lone wolf dies while the pack survives.

Tyrion and Jaime
Tyrion sneaks in to King’s Landing with Bronn’s help to meet Jaime. 

Cersei would never let Jon and Dany get close to her, so Tyrion and Davos head to King’s Landing to convince Jaime to get them a meeting with her. Shouldn’t they have waited until they actually captured an undead soldier successfully first? Tyrion meets with Jaime and it’s all tense and awkward. Davos heads off to the Street of Steel to see Gendry.

Yes, Gendry! Nope, he isn’t still on rowing out at sea. Gendry is all to happy to leave King’s Landing and brings along his latest creation. A big ‘ol war hammer. Like father like son. Before they leave, they run into a spot of trouble. Two gold cloaks show up and Davos handles them like the savvy pirate he is. That is until Tyrion shows up and then Gendry is forced to use his war hammer like a boss.


Cersei chides Jaime for betraying her and meeting with Tyrion unwittingly. She’s also pregnant. Weird, Maggy the Frog’s prophecy of Cersei only mentioned that she would outlive her three children. Or, now put your tinfoil hats on, she’s lying to manipulate Jaime. She’s also going to let the partnership with Dany happen so she can do as Tywin would do, and take advantage of the situation.

We get a cool bromance started when Gendry meets Jon for the first time. Since their fathers were good friends, then they will be good friends as well. Too bad Gendry’s dad brutally killed Jon’s real dad, but let’s not ruin the feelgood moment. Jon, Gendry, Davos, and Jorah leave and make their way to Eastwatch. Dany is reluctant to let Jon and Jorah go.

Samwell and Gilly
Gilly, reading a seemingly mundane book, comes across some vital info. 

Gilly comes across some info that cements the fact that Jon should be the rightful king in Westeros. Apparently, a maester used to keep a record of everything, happened to be the one who granted an annulment to Prince Raegar, and married him to someone else. Holy cannolis! Gilly and Sam don’t really realize the importance of the record as Sam is totally frustrated and done with the maesters and the Citadel. He snaps and just takes as many scrolls and books as he can and leaves with Gilly and baby Sam in tow. He better have taken that book Gilly was reading dang it!

Jon and company arrive at Eastwatch and meet with Tormund, who’s running the show there. The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr are being held in the cells. Gendry doesn’t trust the Brotherhood without Banners and Tormund is very much not fond of Mormonts, but they have a greater purpose and put aside their differences.

They team up and head out North of the Wall. Here it is, the Westeros version of the A-Team!

Eastwatch A Team
The Hound, Gendry, Tormund, Jon, Jorah, Beric, and Thoros.

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