I’m Hurt with Cut Throat Cody #4

Alright guy’s we’re all still waiting for iTunes but that’s not going to hold us back from uploading to frankenculture.com or youtube, so here’s episode 4.

Here’s a disclaimer real quick, Timothy and myself (mostly myself) talk in deep length about Plagiarism in this episode. Then we go on a  bit of a rant about a match that Joey Janela had against Lio Rush

The problem that I have with myself is that I we watched a bootleg copy of said match, and proceeded to talk it over. All the while before hand I’m going on about people stealing things in the world of Wrestling.

As begrudging as it is for me to do so to clear my conscience I woke up today and Purchased this train wreck of a event in order to do what is in my opinion as right. It would be extremely hypocritical of me to stand on a soap box and scream that people were thieves and then go and be one myself.

My views and opinions remain the same, but if I’m going to hold myself to a Higher Standard then I need to be strive to keep that Standard when I ask for others to do the same.

In closing the episode I ask for fans to not be assholes, so now I’m going to follow that same mantra.

Hope you all enjoy the show.

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