Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 4 “The Spoils of War”


Only three more episodes left after this until the season ends and we finally get another well deserved battle scene.

First, though, we start the episode in the Reach. Jaime and Bronn are escorting the gold and supplies from Highgarden. Despite getting a heavy bag of gold, Bronn still wants a reward for his service to the Crown. He eyes Highgarden’s castle, but Jaime brings up a good point against it. After all, during war, it would be an unlucky person to have to defend that castle against the dragons. Dragons in that world can even melt fortresses made of stone, just take a look at Harrenhal for evidence. The Lannister army and the other forces in the Reach focus their efforts in taking all the grain and supplies back to King’s Landing.

Meanwhile in King’s Landing. Cersei meets again with Tycho from the Iron Bank of Braavos. She promises him that a large part of the Crown’s debt will be repaid soon. She also mentions that she is determined to strengthen her army and navy. Qyburn, we learn, is now her Hand  and is making an effort to hire the Golden Company. It seems after all these years of war and bloodshed have forced the Crown to take on mercenaries. We will see if this is a wise choice.

Valyrian Dagger
The catspaw Valyrian dagger used in an attempt to kill Bran in Season 1.

If you have been watching Game of Thrones since Season 1, (If you haven’t, stop what you are doing and watch it ASAP!) you’ll notice that the show runners are dropping a ton of throwbacks to earlier episodes. This episode’s throwback takes shape when Littlefinger meets Bran Stark in Winterfell. He gives Bran the Valyrian steel catspaw dagger that was used in the attempt against Bran’s life when he was still in a coma. Bran asks about the owner of the dagger. Littlefinger says he doesn’t know who owned it and that question was what started the War of the Five Kings. Later in the conversation, Littlefinger mentions that it must have been difficult going through so much hardship only to come back home and everything being in chaos.

“Chaos is a ladder.” Bran replies back and you can practically see Littlefinger’s life flash before his eyes. It’s so satisfying to see Littlefinger get caught off guard for once!

Arya returns to Winterfell.

Another Stark returns home. Arya comes back to Winterfell and gets a cold welcome from the guards at the castle. It’s been such a long time since she was there and anyone who would have known her as a child are dead and gone. She eventually meets Sansa in the Winterfell crypts in front of Ned Stark’s statue. Sansa finds out that Arya is keeping a list of people she want’s to kill, but laughs because she think’s it’s just a joke. It seems to be a running theme now that whenever Arya brings up her hit list, everyone just underestimates the validity of her words and think she’s just playing around. Probably a good thing, though. After all, who would suspect a small girl like Arya to be able to assassinate someone. She could get away with a whole lot if she uses this to her advantage.

Bran Arya
Bran gives Arya the Valyrian steel dagger.

Arya learns that Bran is there and goes to meet him in the Godswood of Winterfell. He quickly makes her aware of his ability to see. It is revealed to the Stark sisters that Littlefinger gave Bran the dagger. Sansa immediately questions why he would be given that blade. Littlefinger doesn’t give without expecting something back. Bran says that it doesn’t matter as it’s of no use to him. He gives Arya the dagger. In this scene, it almost felt like Bran is setting Littlefinger’s death in motion.

He had no reason to bring up the blade at that point, but as he is all seeing now, he seems to know Arya is an assassin. Littlefinger’s betrayal to Ned Stark is also something he has probably seen in his visions.

The moment you find out all your siblings are now magical and badasses, and you’re still you.

Something to note in all the recent scenes of the Stark children reuniting is that they don’t seem to be that enthusiastic of seeing each other again. Sure they hug and all that, but personally if I got separated from my family and thought they were long gone, then learned that they are back safe at home, I wouldn’t have been able to stay calm. Could be because some of the Stark children didn’t necessarily get along in the beginning, ie. Sansa and Jon, and Arya and Sansa. Still, when Arya meets Jon again, I hope to see a more warm welcome and some dang emotion!

Daenerys Missandei Jon
Daenerys, Missandei, and Jon at Dragonstone.

Back at Dragonstone, Jon shows Daenerys the cave filled with dragon glass. More importantly, there are cave paintings from when the Children of the Forest inhabited the island. Among those paintings are depictions of the fight against the White Walkers. All those years ago, the Children and the First Men fought together against them. Jon tries to use this to try once again and convince Dany to help him. Dany isn’t swayed. She still wants Jon to bend the knee and join her cause first.

Tryion brngs the bad news regarding the capture of Casterly Rock, but their huge loss in the Reach. Dany is now tired of listening to Tyrion’s advice. She’s losing the war and done trying to be cunning. She wants to do as Olenna had advised her previously. Dany is a dragon. Jon is asked for his opinion on what she should do. He advises her to do things differently from anyone else before her. Which means not to go around burning cities and castles.


Theon arrives back to Dragonstone to ask for help in rescuing his sister. However, he is informed by a very hostile Jon, that she’s not there.

Bronn Jaime
Bronn and Jaime heading back to King’s Landing.

Jaime, Bronn, and the Tarlys head back to King’s Landing with the remainder of the supplies taken from Highgarden.

What seemed like victorious return back home for Jaime, soon turns into an unexpected battle against the Dothraki and Daenerys on Drogon. Any wise person would know not to engage the  Dothraki, much less a dragon, on an open field. Jaime and his army had no choice but to fight and Dany got the upper hand here with the ambush.

What follows is a glorious battle with fire and blood!

Drogon Dothraki
It’s like Aegon and the Field of Fire all over again!


The Dothraki screamers doing their thing.

The fight was great and we got to see the Dothraki show their horsemanship skills. Daenerys commands Drogon with “Dracarys” and he uses his flame to burn a literal opening in the Lannister’s shield wall. None of the Dothraki hesitate and ride through the fire to attack.

Some random horses on the Lannister side seemed to even know that the battle was lost already and run off. Too bad Jaime didn’t have that kind of sense. He fights and watches his men get annihilated.

Oh and Tyrion is also there watching the battle for some reason. Maybe Dany wanted to show him how conquering is done. He starts showing remorse at seeing his own people killed and seeing his own brother, Jaime, on the battlefield.

Jaime takes a chance to kill Dany when Drogon is wounded with the new ballista weapon. Drogon notices and breathes fire to protect her, but Jaime is saved when someone rides in and pushes him into the river. Jaime sinking into the abyss is the last thing we see this episode.

Is Jaime dead and gone now?

There are only a few episodes left this season and this is the first major win for Dany. Next episode will have to pick up the pace even more to bring this war between Cersei and Dany to a close and get in full focus for the fight in the North. Until next time!



2 comments on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 4 “The Spoils of War””

    1. I think so too. There’s a plot bunny in my head and it goes that the Lannister forces won’t find him so everyone assumes he’s dead. This would probably trigger Cersei to go even more full on crazy and commit worse atrocities. Jaime will wash up ashore and make his way back to her, but seeing her unhinged will remind him that Lady Olenna was right. So he’ll take matters into his own hands.


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