Should you avoid “The Void”?

We watched “The Void”!

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“The Void” is a 2016 crowdfunded Canadian horror movie.  I originally didn’t hear anything about it until Cavity Colors started promoting some apparel they did for it.  I went in with zero idea what it was about, but did I leave that way?


“The Void” is about a group of people trying to survive in a hospital surrounded by people in a cult.  What’re they trying to survive?  Not the cult members themselves, but some sort of alien parasitic creatures.  The cult members, you see, are there to keep them in.  The first glimpse you get of the creature is after a nurse loses it and takes a scalpel to a patients brain, through his eye.  The lead character Deputy Carter, takes the nurse down with a bullet to the head.  Other drama ensues and we forget about the nurse, until she has grown to a monstrosity and grabs hold another cop, killing him and tries to infect him.


We soon learn, something, but nothing all at the same time.  You see the leader of the cult is actually the main doctor of the hospital, who was killed in some of the drama, and then disappears.  He’s been doing “horrible things” such as torturing tweakers, killing them, you know run of the mill cult stuff.  That’s the thing, unless I’m insane, there isn’t really a connection between these crazy ass creatures and the cult.  It isn’t explained that the cult is creating these or anything like that.  I think we’re to assume that since cults are satanic at the core that these are just the cult members being “reborn”


The movie isn’t horrible and it’s on Netflix.  If you need something to do on a Sunday night and want to be weirded out, this is the movie for you.  If you want your horror to somewhat make sense, skip this and watch the best horror movie ever, Halloween III.


2.5/5 bloody, mangled, bodiless heads.

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