Austrailian Dinosaurs 

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My taste in music has always been all over the place. I say that because on any playlist of mine you will most likely hear anything from Katy Perry to Slipknot. My parents raised me on Madonna and Motley Crue so from an early age I knew it blossum into the madness that is my musical taste. 

The real reason of this article is to share with you a band that I think that deserves to have more ears on, Last Dinosaurs is that band. 

Last Dinosaurs is an Austrailian Indie rock band that hails from Brisbane, Queensland. The band consists of four memebers, two of which are brothers. The band is a commercial success in Austrailia and starting to make name over here in the states. Last Dinosaurs 

have released one ep and two albums since their formation back in 2007. Last Dinosaurs released their first ep Back From The Dead in 2010. Two years later came their first full album In A Million Years which features songs like “Used To Be Mine” and “Weekend”, big fan favorites. Three years later in 2015 the band released their second album Wellness to a much larger audience and though it did not chart as well as their previous release, the general consensus among the fandom is that Wellness is the fan favorite album. The Band is expected to release their untitled third record sometime here in 2017, no title or release date has been annouced yet. 

Last Dinosaurs is a band I discovered through my friend Colin and I blame him for my obsession with this band. I’m a sucker for good lyrics and this band provides that in spades. They are put in the indie genre but if you ask me this band deserves no genre, they are a sound their own sound. In my opinion there is no other band that sounds the same or brings the same energy and ambiance musically. Personal favorites of mine are “Karma”, “Used To Be Mine”, “Take Your Time”, “Apollo”, and “Eevie”. Last Dinosaurs may not be a band you would normally be into but if there is band to give a listen to, it’s this one.


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  1. Hey man, I like your taste in music and I’m definitely going to be following your articles from now on! Thanks for introducing me to a new band and some great music. I look forward to seeing more great articles from you!!


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