Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes

For a live action show that is catered for younger viewers Marvel Universe Live, does a bang up job entertaining your whole family. I am sure by now everyone has seen the commercials for this show, and if you are a super hero loving family like mine, you were ecstatic to find it coming to a town near you!

This year’s show was jam-packed with action, new characters and a new story line which follows a prequel comic produced for this show.

MUL Books

The show starts of the way most of these live action shows do with a wide variety of character introductions and entrances, with of course Spiderman having the grandest. Using the large projected background he seamlessly transitioned from a CG character in the background to a live action spidey swinging around the arena. It was unexpected and caused the crowd to go wild. Unfortunately not every character got such treatment, some flipped into view and others were lowered down as if to fly down from the sky, not as flashy but still true to their persona.

The story shows our heroes battling against the forces of evil who have stolen one of the six mystical artifacts the Wand of Watoomb, Nebula manages to get her mitts on it but is unable to withstand it’s power so it eventually ends up in Loki’s hands. This transition allows for the Guardians of the Galaxy to team up with the avengers for this adventure bringing the character roster to 25+

Marvel fanatics will be thrilled to see their favorite characters come to life, the actors exude personality and each character has their quips that are so recognizable it will have your inner geek smiling, Spiderman is never still and always has a witty remark, Thor is stalwart and mighty but shows he can still be fun by putting Mjolnir on a baddies chest knowing he is not worthy enough to lift it off, or the spot on interactions between the Guardians of the Galaxy:

” Starlord: What kind of vile creature is that?!

   Drax: Oh that is Rocket! He is a member of our team!”


The show is just all around fun regardless of your Marvel knowledge or age. The whole cast is like-able and exciting the whole time. The huge character battles will give you action no matter who you are looking at, and they do a great job explaining what is going on. The roster is vast and range from house hold names like Iron Man and Hulk to more deep cut characters like Iron Fist and Wasp. After the show my 7-year old asked me more about Wasp and Shocker which warmed my geek dad heart.

Marvel Universe Live is a great way to suspend disbelief for a while and be blown away watching your favorite characters duke it out in real life! If you get a chance to I’d say definitely check it out.






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