Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 2 “Stormborn”

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The second episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 starts off running and doesn’t stop. With a name of “Stormborn” this episodes kicks off with Daenerys questioning where Varys’ true loyalties lie. After all, as a spymaster under King Robert, he used his “birds” and set assassins against Dany. He seems to convince her that he has no loyalties to any kings or queens, but he wants what is best for the people and the kingdom as a whole. Dany decides to pardon him in the interest that he will advise her, instead of conspire against her, if he feels she is failing the people.

Daenerys Varys
Varys and Daenerys Targaryen.

Melisandre makes a trip to Dragonstone to meet Daenerys. She says that Dany has a part to play in the prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised. We learn though that it might not be Prince, but could be Princess That Was Promised. Melisandre thinks that Dany and Jon Snow both have a part to play in the prophecy. She also brings news that Jon Snow is now King in the North and convinces Dany to invite him to Dragonstone.

Dany brings in the rest of her counsel. They begin, in earnest, their plans and strategies to take the kingdom from Cersei. You get a feeling of awe to see such powerful characters in one room interacting and uniting against their common enemy. Also, as a big fan of the Queen of Thorns, it’s always refreshing to see a character not mince words and get straight to the point such as Lady Olenna.

Sam Oldtown Maester
Samwell Tarly tries his best to convince Archmaester Ebrose that there’s a way of curing greyscale.

In Oldtown, Sam risks his place in the Citadel by helping Jorah. There are few known cases of greyscale being cured. Sam is convinced at least one could work on Jorah, who’s greyscale is quite advanced, covering much of his body. Archmaester Ebrose shuts him down reminding him that such methods have a low chance of working, are dangerous, and most importantly, they are forbidden. In a rare show of bravery, Sam defies the maesters and attempts to cure Jorah.

In Winterfell, Jon Snow receives a raven from Tyrion, asking him to go to Dragonstone.

Sansa and Davos Seaworth advise against this, as it could be a trap. Davos realizes that, while her army is dangerous, Dany has three fire breathing dragons. Fire is pretty darn effective against white walkers and this could be a boon in disguise.

Jon Davos
Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth.

Days later, Samwell’s raven informing of there being dragon glass under Dragonstone and this is enough to fully convince Jon to go and meet Dany. The Northern lords convene in Winterfell and each has a reason that they shouldn’t align with a Targaryen. All good points, but just as Jon keeps repeating over and over, they are not prepared to deal with the threat of the white walkers and any help would be welcome. After much discussion he announces that Sansa will be the Stark to rule Winterfell while he’s gone. There is this subtle expression in Sansa’s face when he says it and I think she finally feels like she’s finally getting the recognition she wanted. Jon leaves for Winterfell and Sansa is left with Littlefinger lurking and being a creep as always.

Also, in a scene before Jon leaves, we see him paying his respects to Ned Stark’s remains in the Winterfell crypts, Littlefinger shows up and announces that he loves Sansa the same way that he loved her mother Catelyn. Jon of course shoves Littlefinger against a wall and chokes him and threatens him to not hurt Sansa. This was a really cool throw back to Season 1 when Ned Stark basically does the same thing to Littlefinger.

Last week’s episode promised reunions. We got a couple, but one stood out the most. On her way to King’s Landing, Arya meets with Hotpie. Whoo! Let’s hope she meets Gendry rowing his boat at some point too. At this point Arya seems very cold and detached until Hotpie drops a bombshell on her. She has been gone a long time and when she finds out that her brother Jon is well and alive and the King in the North no less, she gets some life in her expression and determination.

Arya Stark decides to go back to Winterfell.

Arya changes her plans and heads North to Winterfell. A pack of wolves come up and surround her and it turns out they are led by Nymeria, who no one has seen since Season 1. Nymeria is back! And she’s huge! Judging by the camera shot we get of her, she looks to be twice as big as even Ghost. Though we haven’t seen much of Ghost recently so who really knows how big he’s grown now. Arya wanted Nymeria to come back to Winterfell with her. However, just as Arya makes her own decisions and walks her own path, so does Nymeria. She leaves with her pack and leaves Arya. It’s bittersweet to be sure. While it would have been amazing to have Arya and Nymeria kicking butt together, the direwolves in Game of Thrones seem to embody the spirits of their owners. Nymeria embodies the wild and free spirit of Arya. Hopefully in the future fight with the white walkers, Nymeria and her pack will come in and help. Well, one can dream right?

Yara and Theon

Lastly, but not least, Euron captures the “gift” he promised Cersei. His armada ambushes Yara and Theon’s fleet, as well as Ellaria Sand and her brood, and completely destroys them. The fighting was well done and suprisingly even the Sand Snakes put up a decent fight. I have to say, if the choreography is this good in a scene like this, I can only imagine how good the big battles will be! Euron bests and kills a couple of the Sand Snakes and captures the others. He also captures Yara, but not before giving Theon an, admittedly unfair, chance to save his sister. With all the destruction and death around him Theon reverts back to his PTSD and jumps ship leaving his sister at the hands of Euron.

With such a early blow to Dany’s army, will there be a change of strategy? Will Theon get redemption and save his sister? Will Dany be able to keep her dragons safe against Cersei’s new weapon?




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