SDCC 2017: 7/21 TV Panels

Friday at SDCC is usually all about TV and the panels that go along with them!  There was some big news, some trailers and some special surprises.  Let’s get into it!


Walking Dead



Always a fan favorite, “Walking Dead” returned to Hall H for the 8th time.  Biggest news is, yes, we have a trailer.  Negan tells us all “I hope you got your shittin pants on.  Because you’re about to shit your pants”  Which begs the question, what pants would you like to be your shittin pants?  The trailer is a montage of action and explosions with Rick rallying the troops.  This season seems like exactly that, a war.  The ending fast forwards to Old Man Rick, with a full white beard and a cane we can only assume is his.





I’m sensing a theme here.  The Defender panel debuted a trailer as well, and they are going to war with not only the HAND but Sigourney Weaver as well.  We see the Defenders fighting ninjas and random henchmen.  Talking about how they are NOT a team and my favorite character Stick!  It really get you drooling for the series which comes back in just a few weeks.  The biggest news coming from this panel was the trailer for “The Punisher” which I CANNOT wait for!  It is said to be VERY violent and VERY in line with Punisher.


There was also panels from Twin Peaks (nothing note worthy, mostly talking about how David Lynch is awesome, which he is.), Game of Thrones (Which I haven’t watched, I know, but I’ll be keeping my nerd card), and Big Bang Theory (again no thanks).  We’ll have more tomorrow and Sunday as Stranger Things, Supernatural and Dr. Who!

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