Rocko’s Modern Life Revival Announced!


As a child of the 90’s my afternoons were filled with “Ren and Stimpy’, “Rugrats”, “Doug” but the one that sticks out always AND could still be quoted today is “Rocko’s Modern Life”.  It taught us the dangers of laundry and grocery day.  What to do when you lose your job (Oh baby oh baby oh baby) and more importantly to turn the page and wash your hands.

Rocko, Heifer and Filbert have been missing since the late 90’s leaving a hole where a children’s show with somewhat adult themes had once been.  Miss them no longer!  They are back, and not just some of them, ALL OF THEM.  The complete orignial cast as regrouped to bring us “Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling”.  As you can see from the trailer time has passed for us, but not Rocko!  He worriedly tells his mates. “I don’t think we’re in the 90’s anymore”  as we zoom out from O-Town to see drones flying, SUV’s smashing smaller cars and coffee joints all around.



The trailer is filled with your typical tropes of ‘hey there are way too many Starbucks on this street” or that “food trucks are gross”.  I really hope the special, set for a 2018 debut, will have more of the sharp writing and wit we had in the original.  Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for this revival, but I’m hoping they try not to be like everything else thats out right now, and be what made them love them 20 years ago.

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