Podcast review: Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn

Like many 20-something’s, I had never openly admitted that I was bad with money. But then “Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn” entered the podcast airwaves…

“Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn” (Bad With Money, for short) is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian, writer, and YouTube personality Gaby Dunn. It began in 2016 and its second season just concluded this past June. I, being a fan of Gaby’s YouTube channel (‘Just Between Us’ with comedian & writer Allison Raskin), have been listening to this podcast since its premiere. I  identify as a 26 year old college graduate who is bad with money, so it only made sense that I would be interested in this podcast.

Bad With Money is more of a journalistic podcast that is filled with interviews with financial guru guests. It hits a lot of hard topics like student loans, medical bills, credit cards, retirement– basically anything that can collect debt or just has to do with money in general. Though it is informative, it isn’t necessarily a self-help type of podcast. In her own words Gaby considers season 1 to be more “finances and feelings” while season 2 is more depressing. I have to agree. Going back to season 1, things were a bit more light. In the end of season 1 we all learned that money is necessary and it’s also emotional. I can recount many times that I cried over money because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pay all my bills on time, or even at all. However, I have noticed that season 2 is even more informative and raw. It covers a lot more issues in a lot more details, with many more informative people. This all leaves me interested to see how season 3 will go, which I hear may begin as early as October of this year.

My favorite part about this podcast is how honest and real Gaby and her guests are. While many of them are in the field of money (financial advisors, counselors, accountants, etc), many others are people who have been affected by money in some way (Gaby’s business partner, her co-workers, friends parents, etc), so it becomes easy to relate to the situation. I also appreciate the light humor that is spread throughout each episode. It makes a depressing topic more enjoyable.

If you’re bad with money, or are simply interested in learning more about how it works and the effects in has in the world we live in today, you should check out seasons 1 and 2 of “Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn.” It’s on Panoply and iTunes.


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  1. Yessss, all of this is so true and so well-written! I’m not one for podcasts, but Gaby’s is sure entertaining, informative, and absolutely relatable. And you put it all into better words than I ever could.


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