New Overwatch Comic “Masquerade” Adds More Story.

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The competitive online fps game Overwatch is not much of a story driven game. That being said the game does have story in the form of lore. Anyone that plays games like Fallout, Skyrim knows finding a book or a holotape in those games knows what lore is. Its a way of story telling and game that go about story’s that way are usually amazing, but Overwatch takes it a different way. You get your lore for Overwatch you get your story on different platforms, such as the beautiful cinematic’s or these amazing little digital comics!

Screen-Shot-2017-07-19-at-2.14.50-PMThe newest character is Doomfist which we have talked about. He has a small short showing him escape from prison, and now we have a comic that follows up on that incident. The comic help’s  tell the story about whats going on in the Talon organization. Doomfist being a high ranking member of the group, is trying to help get the terrorist group back to the ideology they once had before he was thrown in jail.

There are a lot of little detail’s to look into including some possible new skins for the some Talon members. If you are into reading about the Overwatch story I cannot recommend this comic more! If you want to check it out Click Here!

So what do you guys think did you like this comic? Is there anything your mostly looking forward to in the future for Overwatch? I personally cannot wait to see the possible Reaper skin! Let us know your thoughts?

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