The Best SDCC 2017 Exclusives!

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It’s that time of year again! The time of year where every geek, nerd, and gamer get a chance to get some of the best swag of the year! Every year San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) gets the coolest stuff possible to show off and sell. Im gonna show you what I think is the best SDCC Exclusives and Convention Exclusives that will be available at booths at SDCC.

Now anime fans all know about the “Anime Expo” which was earlier this year in LA, but anime fans are gonna have another chance to get some great exclusives. If you’re a Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop fan than the chocolate Majin Buu has to be a must have addition to your collection. I personally haven’t started the DBZ collection but pops like this make me think of starting up that collection as well. On the other hand if your more in to the articulating figures the Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Goku convention exclusive! If you would like to see more about this line of toys Click Here to see a review from one of our other Frankenculture writers!  Last but not least a scouter that will definitely let you know, if you enemy has power levels over 9000! The Bandai booth SDCC exclusive Ultimate Deco-Edition Ultra Deluxe Scouter looks awesome! I have seen the ones at Hot Topic and stuff but this one really looks good, but beware theres word out there that there will be limited quantities everyday!


I remember playing with pull-back cars when i was a kid, but i definitely didn’t have ones as cool as this! The phenomenally popular car soccer game Rocket League has one of the coolest sets that I was able to find. The best thing about this set though is gonna be that you get an “Exclusive DLC Code” I wasn’t able to find what kind of DLC you get but it’s going to be an interesting to see it after the fact!


Now time for my favorite stuff coming out! Overwatch is gonna have all sorts of stuff available at SDCC! Hats, Pins, Shirts, Buttons and many more! Im mostly looking forward to the Blizzard store exclusive Carbon Fiber Pop! From what it sounds like they will have some of this pop at SDCC but it will be launching on the store around the time SDCC goes live. Other items from Overwatch and Toki Doki will be available such as bags and stuff with your favorite character in a much cuter form!

Now from NECA! These guys are bringing out the big guns. Starting off if you’re a Tim Burton fan then you might want to look into this Coraline Display set! Coraline comes out standing at 7 inches and her display is about 9.25! The whole set looks great and what makes it better it even lights up! I would love to get this to add to my collection! This is a limited figure with 3,000 figure made!


Along with this NECA is also releasing a few more sets, but probably my second favorite is the TMNT 30th Anniversary Cartoon Action Figure Set! This set comes with 8 fully articulating 7 inch action figures (Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Shredder, Krang with Bubble Walker, and 2 Foot soldiers)! This one comes with accessories and a great carrying case for the whole set, which is packaged in 2 separated trays. 5,000 of these are out there and come in at a price point of $200.

Those are only SOME of the amazing items that I thought were must buys at SDCC this year. Please make sure to stay tuned for updates on 2017 SDCC Comic Con! Let us know what your thinking.


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