POP’s: Vegas Cheesesteak Royalty 

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On any late night at about one A.M. you will most likely find ole Shoe here at a fine Vegas establishment named POP’s Philly Steaks. POP’s is a 24 hour original Philly cheesesteak hot spot located here in Las Vegas. POP’s is located at the corner of Decatur and Alta right across the street from a Texaco. POP’s has been at this original location for more than twenty years! 

POP’s offers a variety of menu items from cheesesteaks (steak or chicken), cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, and even wings! There are many items to choose from but if you’re gonna do POP’s right you will get have to get the cheesesteak with peppers and mushrooms with cheese whiz if you wanna kick it Philly style. If you walk a wild path such as myself you will tell that beautiful man preparing your hoagie to put provalone on it (you will thank me later). 

There is only two places I call home, Texas and Vegas. I came to Vegas a lot growing up to visit my mom on holidays and for the summer. My mom would always drive past it but never stopped. When I finally moved here three years ago I sought out POP’s out of curiousity and instantly fell in love. I romanticize things a lot and a cheesesteak is no different. Whether you live in the 702 or not POP’s should be a place you experience at least once. POP’s has that unique Vegas vibe to it that I can’t put into words. I will put it to you this way, when you make that walk up to the window to place an order you instantly get that feeling of “This place is so Vegas”. 


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