Games We’re excited about: Cuphead

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You may have noticed that around here we like video games.  We get excited, angry, fed up and amped up about video games!  We’re here to talk about the first emotion, excited!

We cannot wait to play “Cuphead”!  Since the annoucment in 2014 we’ve been waiting for more info, more gameplay, really more anything!  “Cuphead” is the first game from Studio MDHR which is two brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.  They grew up, like myself, watching old school cartoons and they decided to create a game around it.



“Don’t Deal with the Devil” puts you in control of “Cuphead” (or “Mughead” when you’re playing two player).  You’ve lost a bet against the Devil and now you’re fighting through different worlds, fighting different bosses, to pay off your debt!  “Cuphead” has infinite lives, and unlike “Contra”, if you die you keep your weapons.  The levels are laid out in a map format, and will also have secret areas.


Everything about this game speaks to me.  Seems like something you can pick up and go and not have a stressful gaming experience  with vivid levels and exciting enemies.  Something that my wife can join in or someone that might not necessarily play video games all the time.


“Cuphead” will be available for $20 on Sept 29th, and will only be on Xbox and Steam!  Are you guys as excited as we are for “Cuphead”?  Let us know if you are or if you’re hating!

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