SDCC 2017: DKE Exclusives




SDCC is less than a week away and we here at Frankenculture are trying our best to keep you guys up to date with all the awesome exclusives!  Today we’re looking at designer collectible company DKE.

I Am A Man by RYCA

UK street artist, RYCA, is giving us a powerful piece.  “I Am A Man” is limited to 30 pieces, is hand cast and painted by RYCA and is only $55.

Wampapi by RYCA


RYCA’s second submission for DKE is “Wampapi”.  A handcast  6′ Wampa out of resin.  It has 23.5kt gold and Swarovski crystals.  Wampapi is $80 and has a run of $25.


Yoclops by Little Lazies

Little Lazies is coming to the show with an amazing piece.  Yoclops!  The most incredible part is Yoclops has a run of 50, but each one has been hand made.  No two will be identical.  Get Yoclops for $55. (I would get two but that’s just me)

Bounty Hunter by Manly Art


Manly Art is releasing an amazing piece.  Each card, of the limited run of 24, will be hand painted!  Jason Chalker (Manly Art) has done illustrations for Topps and Upper Deck, for brands including Mars Attacks!!  Get “Bounty Hunter” and the piece of art card for $150.

Santo Vader by Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez has created a masterpiece with “Santo Vader”.  Santo is a resin cast of a handmade wood figure Carlos created.  Carlos also hand painted each piece as well as each card (which happens to be a piece of ply wood!)  Limited run of 30, Santo will be $100.

     Junkie the Krusty Clown by Dollar $lice Bootlegs

Dollar $lice Bootlegs is coming at us with Junkie the Krusty Clown.  Limited to 30 pieces, he is only $55.


Boss Vaderus Maximus Pin by DrilOne


This might be my favorite piece, most likely because I’m a enamel pin fiend.  DrilOne made a custom Vader helmet for DesignerCon that mashed Star Wars up with Mad Max.  He’s designed this pin that will only be $10 and have a run of 100.


A Real American Value Meal by CNE 


CNE (Chicken Nugget Experience) decided to take on a very familiar idea.  The front art is by Jason Edmiston and the back card is done by Carlos Espinoza.  Real American Value Meal is $65 with a run of 100.


Darth Trump by Special Ed Toys


Special Ed Toys has combined two of the worst creatures in the world.  Darth Vader and Trump!  Hand cast and painted, Darth Trump is limited to 50 pieces and will cost $110.


Trump Wars Arcade Cabinet by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys x Carlos Flores 



Timebandits, Special Ed Toys and Carlos Flores have joined forces to create an arcade machine for Darth Trump to play!  Carlos Flores creates scale arcade cabinets and Special Ed and Timebandits went crazy.  Now Darth can play the one thing he truly cars about, himself.  Trump Wars Cabinet will be a run of 25 and cost $45.

STR WAS: DTH VDR by Mark Todd


Mark Todd has created DTH VDR by hand!  He casted that hand made creation and then sculpted each cape and saber.  DTH is limited to 30 piece and will be $55.

Muckuss by Credenda Studios



Credenda Studios has mashed up Zuckuss and Micheal Myers to give us “Muckuss”!  He’ll run you $65 and will have a run of 30.  This is a continuation of Credenda’s horror movie mashup line!

The Great Showdowns by Scott C


Alright, maybe this is my favorite piece.  Scott C has created a line of art with good guys vs bad guys (or slimer).  George Gaspar of Double G studios helped cast these awesome pieces.  Limited to 50 pieces, they’ll cost you $100.


Job Wars by Jason Adams


I actually got to meet and talk to Jason Adams a few years ago at SDCC.  He is an amazing artist and genuinely wonderful person.  Check out his stuff as soon as you get a chance.  He’s created the “Unemployed Trooper” which is hand cast and painted to a limited edition of 20.


Anthony Lister figure by Anthony Lister


Anthony Lister has created a piece that he knows a lot about, himself.  Anthony hand cast and hand painted each of the 25 pieces.  I would say that this is probably the most accurate piece you’ll find on the SDCC floor.  Anthony will cost $120.


R2-DPoo by by Random Skull Productions


Random Skull Productions has created a droid that I could actually use following me around.  “R2-DPoo is hand cast and hand painted piece, he’s limited to 40 and will cost $45.


Starkiller Coffee by Killer Bootlegs


Combine “R2-DPoo” with Killer Bootlegs “Starkiller Coffee” and we’re in diarrhea heaven.  “Starkiller” is a run of 50 and will cost $55.


There we have it.  DKE is bringing some awesome pieces this year.  Anything you’re particular excited about?  Anything you have questions about?  Let us know in the comments!

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