Spider-Man Homecoming Review (No Spoilers)

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Spider-Man Homecoming Review (No Spoilers) By Teddy


 This is my first article for this website and being a Marvel nerd and getting to do a review for the latest movie is definitely a honour and I will give you guys my thoughts on the latest instalment and introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not include spoilers.


Spider-man Homecoming is the third spider-man in 15 years and now the sixth movie in the series and since the announcement of Spider-man joining the MCU and his appearance in Captain America Civil war I was excited to see this movie and see the direction that they were going to take this movie in and here is my review.


If there is one thing that everyone knows and that’s his origin story and thank god we finally have a story that spares us from going over that again since it was already sort of covered in Civil war which enabled the story telling to basically pick up after the events in that movie. I will go on the record and say that Tom Holland is the best actor so far to play the role of Peter Parker and it brings the comic book elements into the movie which follows his journey through High School and beyond and Tom Holland was Superb in the lead role delivering a great performance from start to finish and we finally have a Spider-man that most kids in Particular will get to relate too.


The cast in this movie was really strong and each had great performances and although I was disappointed when I heard Marisa Tomei was playing the role of Aunt may as I believed the role should have gone to someone much older, she was surprisingly quite good and made the role her own and I have to mention Jacob Batalan who played Peter’s buddy ned who was quite funny and also gave the younger audience someone they can relate too.


When the film was announced I think the biggest news was that Robert Downey Jnr was going to feature in this movie and all the promotional stuff advertising the movie had him featured everywhere but without spoiling too much he doesn’t actually feature much in this film and I would say that you only get to see him in about 20mins of the whole movie which is a good thing as you have to develop the other characters. Robert was fantastic in the parts he was in and certainly delivered a few key performances that plays a huge plot in this film which results in Peter losing his costume and having to do things on his own.


We haven’t really had great performances from the bad guys in the MCU apart from Loki who seems to attract a great fanbase of followers but I think they did a great job for Michael Keaton’s Character in this film where you could understand his motivations and why he had such a hatred of Stark and his performance was really good and hopefully Marvel will carry on writing good stuff for the bad guys moving forward.


Moving on to the story itself I think the writers done a fantastic job of making the movie relatable to teens where you get a sense of it being like a version of The Breakfast Club but I don’t mind this as there was plenty of geeky moments in this film that keep the older audience entertained but don’t get me wrong this film was made for the teen audience which is a good thing moving forward.

The whole arc of this movie was about Peter coming to terms with his abilities and dealing with problems at school and finding his purpose in life which was all handed perfectly and the action in this film was good, I feel some moments could have been done better such as the final action scene however it still all worked out ok.


There was some awesome set pieces throughout this movie which did not throw too much in your face such as some good easter eggs and you knew that this was part of the MCU with all the great references made throughout.


My review of Spider-man Homecoming is that it’s a great movie to take your kids to go and watch and if you are a fan of spider-man and the MCU then you will not be disappointed as it’s one of my favourite recent movies and even though Spider-man 2 is still my favourite film in the series, this one is my second favourite and it’s finally good to have Spider-man back in the MCU and this was the most “Grounded” movie in the whole series which is completely fine by me.


This is the best Marvel Universe movie for teens in the whole series and it definitely plays a major part for the future of MCU moving forward and this is a “MUST SEE” If you are a fan of Spider-man


I will give Spider-man Homecoming a 8/10





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