Prime Day 2017



It’s that time of year again! Amazon Prime Day, the online giant is having it’s annual 24-30 hour flash sale event. This means if you were patient enough or simply missed out on something you were eyeballing, you just might be in luck!

“Well what is Prime Day anyway?” for those unfamiliar with the sale, beginning today July 10th at 9PM ET Amazon will begin putting up sales site wide. There are typically 2 categories of sales:


All Day Sales – These may last the entirety of the event, these will implement a moderate discount on most items.

Lightning Sales – Now this is where deep discounts come into play. These sales will activate at a set time and as often as every 5 minutes. These items usually go FAST and have limited stock.


As a gamer this is a great sale to stock up on those games that you just didn’t feel like dropping $60 retail for, and an even better sale if you have been holding out on a console bundle. Keep an eye out for Black Friday style price cuts on Xbox One S and PS4 Slim bundles specifically.


We have our clicker fingers at the ready! Do you? Let us know what you filled your carts with!

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